OK! I confess. This is not Wonder woman or Batman vs. Superman or Justice League or support the feminist cause that has inspired me to write this article. It is purely and simply Gal Gadot, just Gal Gadot and her ethereal beauty that has tempted me to write this. She is looking stunningly beautiful in that Wonder Women costume. But on that, I will come later. First, let’s try to understand who this Wonder Woman is.

DC Comics says Wonder Woman is the most famous heroine of all time. They add that she is the full package of beauty brains and brawns. Looking at the stats, and by that, all I mean is the no. of publications and nothing else, please don’t misinterpret; one can say that DC is absolutely right. The character was created during World War II by William Moulton Marston, a Psychologist, who was highly dissatisfied with the accomplishments of the comic book medium. He wanted to create a new kind of superhero who would save the world with love and not violence. Actually, he wanted to defeat the Nazi forces by his own weapons in his own world. His wife suggested him to make this superhero a woman. The most interesting part of this story is that Marston was the man who invented the lie detector and he had said that his experiments with the lie detector convinced him that women are more honest in situations different from men and could work more efficiently. He believed in the moral superiority of women over men. So, he created a female superhero that in strength and capacity is no lesser than any of her male counterparts but what differentiates her is her feminine altruism and faith on love as an agent of change. Predictably she was depicted fighting The Axis Military forces in her debut.


But men will be men. They can’t let a woman lose so they have to control and what would give more satisfaction than controlling a superhero who happens to be a woman. After the death of Marston in 1948, the story of Wonder Woman’s origin has been changed (obviously, I can’t use the phrase “like her clothes”) several times.  Initially, she was said to be Diana, the daughter of Queen Hippolyta of Amazons, a tribe of women native to Paradise Island. The island was a secluded one in the middle of a vast ocean. This is called the Golden Age. In the silver age, her origin was changed and her powers were said to be the blessings of the gods- “beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury. During this age, she returned her powers as she wanted to live with the humans and no longer remained Wonder Woman. The timeline after that is called the Bronze Age and she got all her powers back along with her lovely costume. In the Modern Age, her identity and origin were again changed and she became the ambassador from Themyscira, the new name for Paradise Island. Now she became a mixture of various deities and concepts from Greek Mythology. The writers discovered that Diana was formed out of clay by Hippolyta and the gods gave the figure a life and some powers. 


But they were not satisfied yet.  Altering her past for this many times was not enough for them so, in 2011, DC Comics decided to relaunch its entire publication line. This was called the New 52. Wonder woman was again handed fresh details of her past and origin. So, the present status is that the Wonder Women is the goddess daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, king of the Greek Gods and was not made of clay.

How she made her place in the Justice League which was already overcrowded with Batman and Superman already there with Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern would be interesting to watch. She comes from a different world and adjusting to man’s world must have been difficult for her because in her world there were no men. The mortals among us who dwell in the DC Animated Universe know well about the flirtatious relationship between Wonder Woman and Batman. It is also alleged that batman is in love with her. 


But all these are things of the past. Now we have a fresh start with Gal Gadot as the Wonder Woman in the upcoming film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Gal Gadot is very beautiful and perfect choice to play the role because as per her own submission she never wanted to do the obvious role of a heartbroken girl waiting to be rescued by the guy. So, here is the role for you and more than that DC Comic has decided to make a solo Wonder Women film with her.

I am not telling any of the Wonder Women’s stories here because it will spoil the fun. I just wanted to introduce her to the poor people who are unaware about the DC Animated Universe. Enjoy the film from 25th onwards.

Wait!Wait! There is one last interesting thing about Wonder Women that I must tell you. In 1953, a Psychologist Frederic Wertham wrote a treatise “Seduction of The Innocent” and called Wonder Women and her sidekicks Lesbians and morbid ideal for girls and a threat to masculinity and it is said after that only she failed to keep pace with the women’s movement. Men will be men. Isn’t it?