What would happen when Batman fights Superman? How can Batman fight with Superman, after all, he is a human being? But this fight is now inevitable as Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is releasing on 25th this month. But the question remains, how can a human being with no supernatural powers fight with Superman who is completely indestructible.  What? What did you say? Kryptonite? Oh yes! The Kryptonite takes all the powers of Superman temporarily. But don’t you think this is boring. Yes, this is. You know what Batman has to say about Superman’s weakness? According to Batman, Superman’s biggest weakness is not Kryptonite, it’s that deep down Clark Kent is a good person while Batman is not.


Through all these years Batman and Superman have been projected as mirror images of each other or Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy. Their styles or it’s better to say modus operands are totally contradictory. Superman is the quintessential moral do-gooder, admired by people and takes pride in doing the right thing in the right manner. Batman, on the other hand, is considered an outlaw, The Dark Knight, and for him getting results is more important than the means used. Simply, unlike Superman, Batman is not a law abiding citizen. Being a human being with no powers to match those of Superman, Batman seems vulnerable.

Who do you want to win? Tell me? Or better ask this question from yourselves. I know the answer is Batman. An alien with so many superhuman powers defeating a human being can never be interesting. No arguments on that because it’s a fact. So, it has to be Batman defeating Superman or, at least, a tie. But the question persists; can Batman defeat Superman, who can fly, shoot laser from his eyes, can run faster than a bullet.

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Batman is a broken man, with zero emotional attachments and has a cynic view of the world. For these reasons only he must be anticipating the war with Superman and must have prepared himself for that. Superman, on the other hand, is a principled man, more human than the humans and can never expect a war with his friend Batman. So, his preparedness for this war would be absent, I would say. Batman has an upper hand over Superman where ideology or being upright is involved. Batman has no compulsions or constraints on his conscience.

On their very first meeting, Superman used his X-Ray vision to look beneath Batman’s mask to discover that he is actually Bruce Wayne. Happy and satisfied, he reached his home and then he found a bat-homing device on his cape. When he turned around he saw Batman on a distant rooftop looking straight towards him. This proves that Superman’s powers can be equaled with the use of innovative technology and cunning brain as that of Batman. This story would clarify some matters.


Batman has no surviving love interest and certainly he should never have one. It weakens even the most powerful, all invincible superhero. Unfortunately, our Superman has a love interest in the form of Lois Lane and Batman has used his weakness not once but on two occasions to defeat him. It can be tagged as unfair means but it’s Batman and all is fair in his war (he has no love). In The Animated Series, in one of the crossover episode, Batman stoops to the level of dating Lane as Bruce, to hurt Superman. Superman was helpless as he could not reveal Bruce’s identity because that only meant revealing his own. Bruce, if he wants, can use his money power to defeat Superman because wars do not only involve muscle power, public opinions are far lethal tool against an adversary with a high level of pride such as Superman. However, this is highly unlikely because even Batman’s unfair means are graceful and audacious.

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On another occasion, being fully aware that Superman would tear him into pieces, batman again used unfair means to defeat his old friend. In this comic, titled Hush, Superman was under mind-control of Poison Ivy and Batman found a way to bring him out of that. He took Catwoman on board and she kidnapped Lois Lane. He told her to drop Lane from the top of a skyscraper in plain view of Superman. This jolt was enough to bring Superman out of Poison Ivy’s mind-control and he saves Lane. But what if this plan had failed? Lois would have died and Superman would have become totally mad and beyond control. But remember it is Batman. He is known for his alternate plans. Batman has allies like Robin, Catwoman and Huntress who can prove to be of great advantage in this war.


And even if all these psycho-emotional tactics fail there is always Kryptonite. This Kryptonite is definitely the most boring and uninteresting part of Superman’s story. It is certainly an afterthought of the creators and a forced weakness of our beloved superhero.  We have heard that director Zack Snyder is borrowing heavily from Frank Miller’s “The Dark Night Returns” graphic novel. There was a brutal fight between these two superheroes in the streets of Gotham where Batman has used every single trick in his book to bring Superman down but finally, it’s a kryptonite-tipped arrow shot by another character The Green Arrow that brings him down. At this moment, according to some enthusiasts, Batman delivers the most chilling dialogue in the comic history “I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come, in your most private moments; I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you!”

And Batman actually defeated Superman.


One more interesting thing is quite notable. You know, Superman himself gave Batman a Kryptonite ring to use against him if he goes rogue at any instance and he knows that Batman would not hesitate for a moment if that time comes. Their friendship is quite matured. And yet we are anticipating and excited about the war that is going to happen between them in Dawn of Justice that releases on 25th.

But these are all things of the past. We are anticipating this war depending only on the title of the upcoming film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and details about this war are not clear. Who will defeat whom and how he will do it, is yet to be seen. Most probably there would not emerge a clear winner other than the producers as their intention is to introduce The Justice League.