In the world where you have the full set of Avengers, with all their gadgets and technology, the most dangerous prisoner in the world escapes the prison due to a power cut! The whole security system is crippled because somewhere the power station is blown away! I mean come on!! Really? This is annoying and unpardonable.

I know, the introduction I gave here doesn’t seem good but I was compelled to write this first because this was the only thing in the film that disappointed me. Every other thing about this film is excellent, may be clichéd but excellent. Civil War starts the good old perpetual discussion again- “whether the super villains are creations of the superheroes?” or in other words-“a world without superheroes would be a safer world without super villains?”


Democracy enters into the Marvel Universe and United Nations, in the leadership of America, forces the Avengers to sign an accord that they will not break the law. Surprisingly, this time, Tony Stark agrees to sign the accord because he feels the burden of guilt on his shoulders. He considers himself and the Avengers responsible for the death of innocent people in the fight between the superheroes and the supervillains. More surprisingly, Mr. Right, Captain America is on the wrong side of the law this time. He thinks that the governments of the world have no right to govern the Avengers. The team, as anticipated, breaks into two and the Civil War begins aided by some misunderstandings created by a man who wants to take revenge from the team of superheroes for the death of his family. The whole team is there except the Hulk and Thor. Their place is filled by Spiderman, Black Panther, and the Ant-Man and they make impressive entries into the series.

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But I said the film may be clichéd and I am right. It follows the tried and tested formula of making superhero movies and offers nothing new in terms of story-telling. There are so many elements that try to make it old wine in a new bottle such as- sometimes preachy, philosophical dialogues that seem forced to impart an intellectual value, the storyline is predictable and old, short duration scenes that give an impression of urgency and act as a build-up to the big battle in the end and if you are not sure about villains to make them fight among themselves. But all these are made un-noticeable by the visual extravaganza that is created on the screen. I don’t need to say anything about the visual effects or the performances because we all know that these have to be top class.

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The film is very entertaining thanks to the makers for not taking it too seriously. So, now have you understood why marvel is way ahead in making superhero movies than DC? The answer is simple. Marvel treats comics as comics and all the focus is on entertainment. The DC people are confused between entertainment and intellectual stimulation. They will have to keep in mind that in a trade-off between these two they must select entertainment over a much deeper intellectual value simply because they are making a film with characters from a series of comics and this becomes a necessity when you don’t have Nolan on your side. Everybody is not as capable as Nolan to present the right balance between entertainment and intellectual stimulation.


One more thing I want to bring to your notice is that before watching it I was a bit skeptic about so many characters and so less time. I thought how they would be able to give proper screen time to every character? But you know, the director duo Anthony Russo and Joe Russo along with the writers (there are so many- for the comic, for the characters and for the film) have done a great job in this regard. You don’t feel that any of the characters has been treated unfairly. It’s just perfect. Go and watch. You would, most certainly, enjoy it.