So, finally Fan has landed. This Fan is Shahrukh Khan’s message to the world- “he has no competition except himself”. And now I know why he decided to play the star and the fan both. It’s because he could not tolerate any other actor saying “stardom chheen lunga tumhari.”

I badly wanted this to be good because post Chak De It is the first time the promo looked different and promising. The things (I would not call it acting) that Shahrukh has been doing since Chak De are simply pathetic. This one gave hope and as we all know a great soul has said: “Hope is a Good Thing, maybe best of them all”. So, my hopes were high and it’s quite unusual because generally I am cynic about the films I have to watch on every Friday.

Meet Gaurav, a big fan of superstar Aryan Khanna. He is a very sweet boy. He knows how to make untraceable calls in Europe to a superstar but he is so innocent that he doesn’t know that one cannot go and meet a superstar just like that. He tries to do that, loaded with his mummy’s sohan halwa, but fails and reality make him bitter. Now all he wants is an apology from Aryan or he will ruin Aryan’s life.


I will come straight to the point. The writer lives in a fantasy world which is more bizarre than the one in which the fan Gaurav lives. He has made everything so simple for Gaurav such that he can abduct a superstar and can make him say in front of camera whatever he is told to or he can enter Madam Tussaud’s museum with a pistol, create a brawl there and leave peacefully with a hostage on gun point. Actually, he is a superman and can do whatever he wants.It’s not sweet that Gaurav and his parents believe that Gaurav can go and meet Aryan Khanna, the biggest superstar and give him the sohan halwa and a trophy. It’s pure foolishness on the part of the writer. Come on, this is not 60s and everyone knows what happens in Vegas. Nobody notices or mentions that Gaurav looks like Aryan Khanna until he himself decides to take benefit of that. First half is good when a fan tries to meet his beloved star but suddenly the second half becomes Khiladi 420 (Akshay Kumar in a double role). I don’t know when these writers and directors will stop treating the viewers as morons. The writing is so weak and childish and has such big holes that Godzilla and King Kong both can pass together through them.

Having said all that, I would like to remind you that my expectations were high this time. When a man like Shahrukh Khan Steps out of his comfort zone and does a thriller with no songs and not even a female lead, at least the writing should be air-tight. We all know what this man is capable of with a good script (Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na, Hey Ram, Swades, Chak De, DDLJ, Darr and many more). I have not said yet that this is a bad film.


Now let’s talk about performances. To be honest I liked the real Shahrukh more than his fan version. Gaurav, in glimpses, has given us the old Shahrukh of the 90s but only in glimpses. Overall he is just average. At most of the places, it seemed to me that his dubbing is done by Irrfan Khan, his accent, and diction both seems borrowed from Irrfan. But there is strange magnetism in Gaurav. He attracts. Aryan Khanna on the other hand displays what is Shahrukh Khan the king of Bollywood. This role has more layers and is more complex and SRK shines. And what I like most is the fact that he dared to be different and do different (even narcissism being the reason behind this doesn’t matter). Someone please show him how good he looks in a clean shave and simple clothes without those flashy clothes, beard and the bandana. I also think he should start doing more negative roles. He is very good.

Director Maneesh Sharma is good in showing Delhi’s middle class and this time, too he has done justice to that. The background score is very effective and it draws the audience into the happenings.


So, what is the verdict? First two day’s collections are already breaking records. But Will this fan work in a longer run or not? Is it good or bad?

To answer this I would take you to the past. We never asked questions when poor Ajay Sharma in Baazigar (1993) overnight became super rich Vicky Malhotra. We never asked questions when everything was so easy for Rahul Mehra in Darr (1993) and we never asked questions when Karan-Arjun (1995) were reborn. So, why now? We should do what we did during those times; just enjoy and if you are not bothered by those logical loopholes then this is a winner for you. Cheers!!!!!