Obviously, I have not watched the film yet so it’s not a review of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of justice. But some people have watched its premier and have given their reactions on various social forums mainly on Twitter. I would here summarize what’s the word in the market. As anticipated, it got an overwhelming response from the audiences. But one must keep in mind that these audiences were carefully selected DC Comics fans and some reporters, so their reactions can be biased. Going through the tweets, I have discovered that most viewers have compared it to the first Avengers. The comparison is inevitable because like Avengers this film also has a long list of superheroes fighting against an equally impressive long list of super villains. In addition to Batman, Superman and Wonder Women, we have The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Doomsday, Alfred, Lex Luther and Lois Lane in here.  It now feels relieving that Zack Snyder dropped his initial plan to include The Joker and The Riddler too into the film. Going by these reactions, one thing is for sure, this is probably going to be the highest earning Hollywood film. I am not providing here the screenshots of the tweets but try to cover the point that these early viewers want to make.14According to these reactions, the clear winner among all these comic characters is the Wonder Women. Public cheered the most on her entry. Gal Gadot, as I predicted has done a wonderful job and has not let me down. Some people got goose bumps and felt giddy too while watching BvS. Somebody got so overwhelmed after watching it that she termed it “gut-wrenching emotional cliffhanger”.

But the most interesting reaction in my opinion which will need a serious discussion till eternity is that Ben Affleck is ‘THE’ best batman ever. I am apprehensive about it to be true. Surely, this must have come from a Batman fan that got carried away. Let us wait and decide by ourselves.

So, the world has decided what type of superhero they need but we don’t know what’s the decision is. But you should give me the credit for anticipating that Wonder Women would get most cheers from the public.

By the way, the word is in the circuit that Zack Snyder is on an expansion plan for his another franchise; 300, don’t ever forget the Spartans!

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