A few days back I was passing by a cinema theater and thought to have a look on upcoming cinema posters (this is one of my unacknowledged hobby). The posters there made me worried. They were of unknown films with unknown actors. Those made me think. A film like Fitoor can go wrong in the execution but the rationale behind its making cannot be questioned. This Friday and the previous Friday and almost all Fridays some films are released which go entirely unnoticed, I am worried about them. Some recent ones are BHK Bhalla @Halla.kom, Sanam Teri Kasam, Direct Ishq, Jugani, Apne Apne Funde, Luvshuda, Ishq Forever etc. They have entirely unknown newcomer cast, poor story, no screenplay, and no acting at all. Nothing. My question is why these films are made at all. What is the logic behind losing money in these enterprises? Obviously, after just listening to the story and overall plan even a child can say that this is not going to work. These films are shot at exotic foreign locations with very good cameras; the overall production quality is not bad. Have a look and you can judge that a good amount of money has been spent in making these natural flops. Where does this money come from?


And this is not about the money spent or lost. This is about their contribution to overall ecology of Cinema. Mind it I am not talking about low budget B-Grade obscene cinema or the south Indian soft porn that actually makes money. The films that I am talking about are almost mainstream Bollywood. They have songs (some have good ones), they promote their films through proper channels, promos, events and social media though as soon as you look at its first frame you would know it’s going to be a total flop. How can it be possible that such an obvious observation is overlooked by the producers, directors and even by the actors? Maybe they are a bunch of optimistic people but the determination can nowhere be seen in these films. There are some other small budget films that do not perform due to various reasons but in those films sincerity is visible in at least one department of film making.


Now let’s come to the main question. If money is in abundance to be lost on these obvious flop films why most of the good and promising projects involving newcomers (actors or directors or writers) do not get enough funds to even start their projects. Why a film like Court takes several years just to arrange the finances? Why the financiers become apprehensive about funding these kinds of films that have at least one percent chance of success but easily fund those obvious flops. I do not understand this. T-Series can make a Roy (just an example, nothing personal), which was a flop even before shooting started. The story itself was a flop. Let’s forgive T-series because at that time it was highly unlikely that a film projected as a suspense thriller with such an impressive star cast would fail.
The pertinent question is, “is the whole film industry is just playing a game of chance, a gamble all the time?” Good stories can go wrong, I understand, but do they really expect these mushrooming newcomer films, which are plain bad film making at its best, to succeed. I can’t find answers to any of my questions.


One can argue that a lot number of good actors have come from the small budget films and have become renowned names. But again I am clarifying I am not talking about low budget films. Low budget films may or may not be good. But these films that I am talking about are not even low budget. They are medium budget films with a very good production quality. They come and go nobody notices. Some of them also throw success parties. I clearly don’t understand what is going on.

Even Manoj Bajpayee is not able to find backers for Taandav. Excellent independent films are being made on shoestring budgets. Several of Sunny Deol’s films are not getting distributors. Why sunny leone is a hit I can understand. But why this Ishq Forever is made? How it easily gets producers, financiers, distributors but a Court can’t. I am totally confused.