Jai Gangajal is a heartwarming friend turned the foe story of two men; one of them is a corrupt, criminal MLA and the other is an equally corrupt DSP of Police. Their friendship is shattered when one fine morning the DSP’s conscience takes charge of the matter and he kills the
MLA’s little brother. The MLA is heartbroken and wants revenge. No sir, I am not bluffing. Ok, you don’t like it. No problem I can change the narrative.

Jai Gangajal is a remake of Mithun Chakraborty’s Shera, Suraj, Maa Kasam etc. (I have written too many names because these films are remakes of one another and I don’t know which was made first) in which an honest police officer is posted in a village where the local MLA or more conveniently Thakur (most probably Puneet Issar or Gulshan Grover when the budget allows) with his balatkari (rapist) brothers or sons, is the all-powerful king of criminals and the police officer brings him to justice after many hardships. Oh! And much to your delight, going with the tradition, in Jai Gangajal, there is a rape scene too.

You are not satisfied. Ok, then take this. Jai Gangajal is the remake of Gangajal with some minor changes like replacing Bachcha Yadav (Mukesh Tiwari’s character) with B. N. Singh (Prakash Jha),  acid with hanging and Sundar Yadav (Yashpal Sharma’s character) with Dablu Pande (Ninad Kamath) but Jha forgot to replace SP Amit Kumar maybe because he could not be replaced.

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I know you think I am bluffing but I am sorry, the hard-hitting story you are expecting that of a women police officer in the badlands of Bihar is not there. And after watching the film I am sure it was never there. Prakash Jha has deceitfully used Priyanka Chopra for his own launch. I feel bad for her. It’s pure, blatant cheating. This is a film with Prakash Jha as the hero. Priyanka Chopra is there somewhere in between. He must have lured her with the promise of a national award.

Jha is a master in mixing two-three stories together, he has done that before in Rajniti where Pandu from Mahabharat has two sons, Sonny, and Michael from The Godfather. But this is not going to work each time. So, here is the story. SP Abha Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) gets her first district posting in Bankipur where the whole system is corrupted and ruled by the local MLA Bablu Pande (Manav Kaul). MLA’s brother Dablu Pande (Ninad Kamath) is a land grabber and a criminal dealing with a company which wants to build a power plant in the district. Circle Babu or DSP B. N. Singh is the corrupt police officer who helps them in all their illegal dealings. Somethings somethings happen and B. N. Singh listens to his inner voice and together with Abha Mathur brings the criminals to justice. I knew you wanted to listen to this story. But in those somethings somethings, that I have mentioned this narrative is lost.


Priyanka Chopra is sincere but doesn’t fit. You can’t play a tough cop with the accent and body language of a college girl who has just tasted her first love. A very hard work has been done by the dialogue department to make the film hard-hitting. But the words Rakhail, Balatkar etc. doesn’t have any impact, coming out of Priyanka’s mouth. This makes the whole scene artificial. Editing is very poor, negative marks on this. The film is too long and has many unnecessary dialogues and scenes. The supporting cast of Ninad Kamath, Murli Sharma have done well.

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Now let’s take the discussion to Prakash Jha. I must say, the man has a screen presence. His voice quality is very good, dialogue delivery is excellent. What I mean is he has stolen his own show. He is the only character that is real and connects well with the audience. It is evident in the film that he has taken acting more seriously than direction. He should act more. Oh! I am not saying he should stop directing.