“Was he your lover?” asks Rajkumar Rao.

Manoj Bajpayee replies, “tum log ye word ke pichhe kyon pad jaate ho? It’s a beautiful word, you are making it like a dirty word.”

Though he doesn’t give an answer, he says a lot in this single sentence. So, what is love? Does this word has an independent meaning of its own or its meaning depends upon who loves whom and how does one express his/her love to another person? What is its clean and what is its dirty meaning? Do we have an authority that has the power to define the authenticity of love? Whether love requires that authority or not? Hello!! I am listening. Is there anyone who can give an answer to these questions?

I have some more such questions. Is love absolute or relative, objective or subjective?  Can love be democratic or is it authoritarian? Most importantly, should love be governed by the laws made by learned people who are democratically given the power to do so? There is no end to this questioning and I know in trying to give an answer to each question you will give birth to at least five more such questions.

We are back to square one. What is love and how it should be expressed?

By watching Manoj Bajpayee in this trailer, I sense that he has some more questions and I hope this film will try to find answers to some of these questions. With every passing second, expectations are rising in exponential degree. Be prepared to watch Aligarh on 26th onward. For now, watch this trailer. This is superb.