REVIEWEverybody is busy talking about Batman Vs Superman and it seems no one is concerned about our Desi Rambo, John Abraham and his new release Rocky Handsome. The irony is while Batman Vs Superman is alleged to be a complete Desi take on the superheroes, Rocky Handsome has nothing Desi about it not even the names of the characters. The whole setup of this film has an alien feel. John Abraham just like John Rambo is on a killing spree.

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Kabir Ahlawat is a lonely soul with a tragic past whose only companion is a 7-year-old girl from the next door (literally). He owns a Pawn shop and things go out of control when the girl and her drug addict mother are kidnapped by the organ and drug traffickers. When Kabir starts killing the baddies the Police discovers that he is a trained assassin who used to work as a special agent for the government but retired and went on missing when his pregnant wife was killed and he was wounded. The police are merely a bystander in this 2-hour video game. Nowadays video games invoke more emotion than this film. After 15 minutes into the film, John turns into a killing machine and don’t even try to count how many he has killed because I tried the same and lost count somewhere I don’t remember. John looks good and kills even better. Director has done a favor to him by giving him just two or maybe three dialogues. He occupies the whole 2 hours of the screen time and just kills people. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy that. The action is good in fact great in the Indian context and john does justice to these perfectly choreographed action sequences. If we only count the action scenes this film is probably the best we have seen.

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Rocky Handsome is an official remake of Korean ‘The Man from Nowhere’ and the master of remakes, director Nishikant Kamat has copied every single frame from the original one but the problem is that he has failed to capture the soul. You don’t feel for the characters and because of that, all action seems pointless. The film has the worst start it could have i.e. with a song with wordings “Dil ki Namaazein jaake pahunchi Falak se aage, Tab Jaake paaya tujhko mere Rehnuma”. I don’t understand its meaning and its purpose.  Kamat has made a fatal mistake by casting himself as the villain. He lacks the screen presence that was required in this type of role. The man playing his brother is another mistake because all he does is buffoonery and overacting in an attempt to look menacing. The little girl is perfectly fine in her role and so is Sharad Kelkar as the Police officer. I feel he should get more roles because he looks and acts well on screen. Thank god the songs and Shruti Hassan doesn’t interrupt the flow. The man who shines is undoubtedly the Thai bodyguard of the villains. He is the only person that has brought a flash of emotion in this overall dry action thriller.