Rocky Handsome, releasing on 25th March, looks very promising. The trailer shouts out loud that it is a remake of Korean film The Man from Nowhere (2010). The Korean movie has a raw, bloody action that combines gun battles, hand combats, and knife fights, that means everything, and trust me it is very bloody. Not for a faint heart. The devil is unleashed on the drug mafia when they kidnap a little girl and her mother from the neighboring house of an unknown lonely man. This man has no connections or communication or attachments with the world except this little girl. The story is very much emotional and doesn’t give you time to blink. I don’t intend to become a spoiler and want you to enjoy Rocky Handsome, that’s why I am not going to tell you any further.

John Abraham is ‘the’ right choice for this role as it requires almost zero dialogue delivery and full action. Although the action in the original film is more martial arts based but I believe John can do that too very effectively and beautifully. He looks good and comfortable when he talks less and knocks more, that he has proved in Force and Madras Café. He is looking awesome in that black suit in which he has to be, I believe, in more than half of the film. The little girl’s role is thankfully being played by a lookalike of the girl in the original Korean film. She is the heroine of the film and the trailer shows that the girl is doing well.

rocky handsome

My problem with this trailer is the usual Indianization of the original story with songs, love scenes and melodramatic villains. This was not required as the original story in itself is purely Indian with enough emotions. The bald villain played by the director Nishikant Kamat himself, seems to me, a bit over dramatic. But his résumé, boasting with superb remakes like Force and Drishyam and equally good original films like Dombivali Fast, Lai Bhari, and Mumbai Meri Jaan, affirms that I can trust him. I hope the interruption caused by Shruti Hassan and the songs is kept short by the director. But 6 songs bring hopelessness in me. Only playing their short versions that too in the background can help, otherwise, they would prove counterproductive as the script doesn’t allow diversions.

When I watched The Man from Nowhere in 2011, I imagined a remake because of its gripping and emotionally charged plot and the overwhelming sadistic pleasure given by the killings. At that time, I thought only Akshay Kumar could do that role because of the action involved. But I was apprehensive about him too because the role equally demands conveying emotions without words.


Today I think John is a better choice for that role. You enjoy the two trailers one after another. Although you can find the full Korean film on Youtube, I would recommend not watching it and waiting for Rocky Handsome to come to the theaters. Have faith, who knows, maybe John proves to be better than the original Won Bin.