Directed by : Divya Khosla Kumar
Produced by : Bhushan Kumar, Kishan Kumar, Ajay Kapoor
Written by : Hussain Dalal, Sanjeev Dutta
Starring : Pulkit Samrat, Yami Gautam, Urvashi Rautela
Music : Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly, Ammal Malik
Special mention to Cinematography : Sameer Arya

I was so annoyed by Fitoor that watching Sanam Re felt good during the starting fifteen minutes. But Sanam Re is ridiculously silly and you can’t enjoy it even if you want to.

The first scene of a film, usually, is the key to understanding the philosophy behind making it. Here you see Rishi Kapoor in a makeup that resembles a big old ugly monkey. I do not understand the logic or thinking behind that makeup and that opening scene. But after that, the film keeps itself simple and knowingly pedestrian but never indulges itself in obscenity. Even the item song featuring the T-Series heiress and Producer- Director Divya Khosla Kumar cannot be termed as vulgar but surely it is embarrassing.

A small town school-boy, at the exact moment when his lovely girlfriend is waiting under a tree beside a beautiful lake for him to come, realizes that his career is more important than this ladkibaazi and without saying  goodbye leaves with his uncle for Mumbai. God knows why the girl never comes to his mother to ask what happened to him or they never exchanged a letter after this heartbreaking incidence. They meet again as adults in Canada and Mrs. Kumar, the director, takes all the liberties available under the sun and presents an illogical, weird, so- called love story. And yet some people cry no liberty, no freedom of expression, no voices. They should go and meet Mrs. Kumar.


This film, overall, is bad. But there is sweetness about its being bad. It feels like the mistakes made by a child. A childlike mistake is not accompanied by hopelessness. You get angry but your heart melts when you see a sense of repentance in the child. This happens with Sanam Re. I admire a sincere acting more than fairly good acting. I like potentiality more than perfection. Pulkit Samrat looks very ordinary never mind his chiseled body and eight pack abs and this is good for him I would say. His ordinary acting is better than that of some of the so-called superstars of the new generation (I didn’t say Varun Dhawan or Arjun Kapoor. It’s entirely your imagination). Yami Gautam is okay, actually, she has nothing to do here. There is one more babe, Urvashi Rautela, she is insignificant. I know I am sounding weird but so was the film, I can’t help it. It was not good but I can’t say it was very bad. The camera work and excellent locations are used efficiently and beautifully. Actually, it seems this film is a co-production between T-Series and Himachal Tourism with a small contribution from Canada Tourism too.

Acting is boring but can’t be called very bad. Overall I am confused. I don’t know whether I liked this movie or not.  It has some comedy too done by Bharati, yes! right, that one. The songs are pretty good and simple without any so-called intellectual heavy words.

Forget it. I am not saying anything. It’s Valentine’s Day so go and watch all the films that are being shown in the theaters. In that way, boys will get more time with their girlfriends and the girls, mind it, I am issuing it in your interest, “Cinema Hall is the safest place for girls to spend time with their boyfriends.”