With ‘Sultan’, Bhai is surely going to multiply his global outreach but this time, it comes with a local flavor. In ‘Dabangg’ he was very convincing and entertaining as the Policewala from UP and this time as the Haryanvi Jat, he completely nails it. ‘Sultan’ is purely Salman Bhai’s bandwagon to show his power at the box-office.

Salman Khan is usually known for his no-brainer action drama films. But gladly I say that Sultan is not a no-brainer. It is a well thought out and well-executed script and here the writer-director Abbas Ali Zafar proves me wrong. After his Gunday I personally did not have any expectations from him. The zero expectation can also be the reason that I liked Sultan.


The story is set in Rewari, Haryana where Sultan Ali Khan is in his early 30s and is basically a good for nothing guy who kills his time in awaragardi and patangbaazi with his childhood friend Govind. He falls in love with a girl, Arfa (Anushka Sharma) who happens to be a wrestler. Sultan proposes her but she tells that she would only marry a wrestler, slaps him, insults him in front of his friends and shows him his Aukaat. Our sultan Bhai is not an ordinary man obviously. To prove his worth he starts training as a wrestler and becomes a state and national champion and marries the girl of his dreams.

He goes on to become Olympic Gold Medalist and even the world Champion and this is when success replaces his humility with arrogance. His child dies just after birth because he needed blood and Sultan Bhai was not available because he was abroad fighting to become the world champion. The couple separates. This is all flashback. In present day Sultan is alone and lonely and works in the water department and collects money to build a blood bank in his village. He is invited by a guy to fight in the mixed martial arts and he takes the offer for the money. But he is out of touch and out of shape too. But we know our Sultan Bhai is not an ordinary man. He is a fighter.


Sultan clearly proves that Salman Bhai is the King of the Ring. He is honest, he is sincere and for a change, this time, Salman also gives an impression of a hard working man. He is simply superb. No other actor could have played this role which has several shades. His charismatic screen presence literally puts the screen on fire. Aag Laga Diya hai Bhai. The fight sequences are brilliantly choreographed. I have heard that they have imported the services of the action choreographer of Undisputed 3 for Salman Bhai’s desi MMA fight sequences.

Anushka Sharma is very good as Arfa but she has very less screen time and this was obvious in a Salman film. Anant  Vidhaat is brilliant as Sultan’s friend Govind. Randeep Hooda as Sultan’s coach is impressive in a very short role and so is Amit Sadh as the owner of the MMA tournament. Kumud Mishra as Barkat Khan, the first coach of Sultan and also his father in law deserves a special mention.


The songs are already topping the charts and are really catchy. Salman Khan Fans are going mad when Bhai taps his heart in ‘Jag Ghoomeya Thare Jaisa na Koi’. I really enjoyed watching Sultan. Just felt that the love story could have been made more intense and emotional. I am saying this because I know that Bhai could have easily brought one or two tears in the fan’s eyes with a more intense love story.

And  by the way, our Desi Reviewer Sonu Bhai, The Motorcycle Mechanic, is also eager to share his thoughts on Sultan. I will be back with him.