I heard somewhere that Manoj Bajpayee has released his short film on Youtube 3 days ago. I was not very enthusiastic to watch this as I am cynic about the quality of short films made in India. They often (I should say every single time) make the subjects too dark. Actually short films have taken the place previously occupied by the Art Cinema of the 80’s.

This one too starts with a creepy setup. The whole buildup here will give you only one impression that it is going to be a sad ending. In just 11 minutes, this film is a complete story in fact you will observe here the use of film media in storytelling at its best. Through the whole 11 minutes I was preparing myself to watch the predictable sad ending (I was being over smart) and at the very moment I was expecting a gunshot, Taandav surprised me. I am not telling you the whole story because I feel you must watch this. It will not take much of your time. I can only say that it’s about the psychological transformation that our lead character experiences and is made in the style of a suspense thriller. This film can have multiple interpretations but don’t confuse it with a shallow breaking free kind, it goes much deeper than that.


Manoj bajpayee, I am saying this since ages, is among the best three actors that we have today, the other two being Irrfan and Nawazuddin. I am not comparing these three, just categorizing. He is simply a delight to watch here. What a performance with just a few words (literally). I would not categorize him as an underrated actor but surely he does not get the works he deserves.  He should hire some good agents and managers (Not to say I am always at your service Sir).

Manoj Bajpayee himself has said that since two years he is pursuing this project and has met several producers who denied making it into a full-length feature film.  But he is quite sure that this film will be made.

All hopes on Aligarh. Sir, I know you have hit the jackpot with Aligarh. The trailer suggests it. For the time being watch the trailer


The line from Voltaire on the screen as the film, Taandav, ends is for Manoj Bajpayee himself, as I perceive.

Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.