I saw this trailer a few days ago. What seemed most interesting to me about this film Traffic is its ensemble cast. I will give you the names- Manoj Bajpayee, Jimmy Shergill, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee, Sachin Khedekar, Divya Dutta, Kitu Gidwani and some newcomers like Amol Parashar, Vishal Singh, Kaveri, Divya Unni, Richa Panai and Nikita Thukral. The director, Rajesh Pillai, unfortunately, died last month so; he would not be able to see his child growing. Originally it was written by Bobby and Sanjay for the Malayalam film of the same name. The screenplay has been adapted into Hindi by  Suresh Nair and dialogues by Piyush Mishra. Obviously with such impressive names attached to it, it has created a curiosity among the viewers. The storyline speaks for itself. In one line, the Mumbai Police takes the task to transfer a heart to a dying patient and it has only 150 minutes to cover 160 Kms. in the peak hours of traffic in Mumbai. The end here is predictable but not the means and this is where the film has to score. The writing needs to be airtight when the end is known to all. The original Malayalam version was very impressive and I expect the same from this Hindi remake. Good quality Malayalam thriller films are finding demand in Hindi and the producers are remaking these films quite regularly in recent years. One good example is Drishyam which fared well in Hindi too.


Coming back to Traffic, Manoj Bajpayee apparently is the central character here as can be perceived from the trailer. He is in good touch after Aligarh and his short film Taandav. He is definitely going to perform, no doubts about that. Jimmy Shergill has a mastery over performing small but powerful characters. Divya Dutta and Khedekar can literally sleepwalk through these roles. It’s not clear from the trailer what Parambrat is doing here but one can say for sure that his role must be consequential. Prosenjit is probably playing one of the parents of the dying patient and I am sure that he would be excellent. But merely having a great cast is not going to help this film if the writing falters. Good actors need good lines to perform better. This is being promoted as a thriller so it cannot afford logical loopholes because the viewers have become very smart these days. They are even rejecting a Shahrukh Khan film if it is a thriller with large holes. So, what can happen to Traffic, which has no superstar associated with it, we can imagine.

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Let’s hope for the best. Traffic is releasing on 6th May. Manoj Bajpayee says at the end of the trailer, “Doosra chance to Milna Chahiye na Baba”. But he must keep in mind that Box Office is very cruel and doesn’t give a “Doosra Chance”. Tab Tak, you enjoy the Trailer.